Annoucing The New Little Guy

Annoucing The New Little Guy

Wow, it seems like most of my posts have been about Mr. Conley lately. So…while we’re at it, I figured I would share the birth announcement I created for him.

My sister was looking for something a little different when it came time to send out birth announcements so she asked me to put something together for her. I decided to do something a little different and go with a 5X7 card that was printed on both the front and back instead of just one side like most you see. That way, I was able to include more then one photo without making any of them too tiny.

The images I used for the announcements were some that I took during his newborn shoot a few weeks earlier. Such a cute little man!

If you are looking for birth announcements or cards of any kind, please feel free to message me or check out The Happenings Workshop on Etsy for pre-designed cards made by me!

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