Christmas Mobiles

Christmas Mobiles

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you might remember a photo I posted last year around this time of a fabulous Holiday Mobile that I made out of tinfoil and hung in our bathroom at home. For those of you who are not…here is a little background of the situation for you.

Quoted from me upon posting last year:
“Let’s all vote on the response my husband will have when he comes home and sees the glorious christmas mobile made out of tinfoil stars that i just hung in our bathroom. Please press 1 for – ‘What the heck is that? Weird.’ Please press 2 for – ‘It’s nice, very festive.’ Please press 3 for – ‘That’s Interesting….’ This one comes with a not-so-pleased look.”

Deanne Mroz – “And the verdict issssss….. Option 4….’Why?’ Followed by a strange look and the question ‘Are we keeping this up all year?'”

Well, after last year, I decided that from now on, I will try to create a special holiday mobile every year as a tradition for the Mroz household. This year’s model is a little more sophisticated looking than last years.

And…of course…Matt liked this one a lot more than the tinfoil version from last year. Maybe each year will get a little better ;). One can only hope!


  1. Holly N · December 5, 2011

    What a great idea for a tradition! Both mobiles are lovely :)


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