Coming Soon To An Auction Near You

Coming Soon To An Auction Near You

I finally did it! I completed the Dells painting I have been working on since last December. When I say “last December”, I don’t mean like 4 months ago December….I mean an entire year ago December.

Horray! I am so happy to have it completed, FINALLY! Makes me feel good.

This is a two canvas painting, even though it looks like one in the photo above. Although I was mostly done with it a few months ago, I went back over the black areas of the piece with a gloss coat to make the trees really stand out from the rest of the piece. I love the way it turned out! Glossy oil paints can be difficult, but usually the results are worth it.

If you are interested in buying this piece, I plan to put it up in auction in the next few weeks through Paper Crown¬†Gallery. If you’re not already aware, they do a live auction on their Facebook page every Saturday from 12 to 7PM. Make sure you follow them to get the latest news and updates on the auction!

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