Conley’s One Year Photos

Conley’s One Year Photos

Conley and the Short family have been blowing up my blog for a few months now…so why not one more post?

We did Conley’s cake smash a different day so that we could do those inside and take his one year photos outside. For his outdoor photos, we started out with some shots of the birthday boy with some balloons. Tyler did a good job making him smile :). He loves his brother.

After some portraits of just Conley, we let Tyler join in the fun. I love these boys! One of my favorite parts of Conley’s birthday party happened after Tyler tried to steal the show multiple times throughout the night. Todd was setting off fireworks for Conley and the two boys were standing together on the lawn looking up at the fireworks and Tyler put his arm around Conley and said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONLEY!” Cutest. Thing. Ever.

And then we took some of the family together with the birthday boy.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist showing these two “test” picks of Tyler. Cause he is adorable and suddenly likes the camera.

Too cute! Love you, Conley! Happy Birthday!

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