Ella’s 1 Year Photos

Ella’s 1 Year Photos

I am a little behind on my blogging! A baby will do that to you, I suppose. BUT, I am back. I have a lot of backlogged posts here, but for my first post…little Ms. Ella’s 1st birthday and cake smash pics!

I just love this sweet girl. It has been so fun taking her picture over the past year. Love her! How adorable is that yellow dress? Seriously.

She seriously enjoyed her cake, and then was stained pink as a result. But it was worth it to get these great memories :)

Ella, being the nice girl that she is, felt the need to share some of her cake with mommy and daddy. Love.

And…..now for the aftermath. :) So cute!

Happy First Birthday Ella!!



  1. Linda · September 9, 2013

    Loving these cake smash photos. My favourite photo is the one of her with her parents and the pink icing all over her little face. So cute!


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