Introducing The Happenings Workshop

I am at it again. What am I at you ask? Making more work for myself…that’s what. Why? Cause life wouldn’t be interesting unless I did. :)

So, I have decided to create a second Etsy shop. This time, the shop has nothing to do with painting…but instead is all about design. When Matt and I got married, we decided to break the mold and send out creatively funny (yet kind of weird) thank you postcards instead of the usual kind.  I never thought they would be as popular as they turned out to be. People loved them! Some people even framed them and/or still have them on their fridge months later. :)

The idea for our thank you postcards actually steamed from an idea we used for our engagement photos last year. We decided to take our own photos to save money, but we wanted to do something creative and fun that people would remember. So, we went to Matt’s brother’s house and took out the ladder and some sidewalk chalk and had some fun. It took us all day (and a considerable amount of editing afterward) but it was worth it. I love love love them. We created a book out of the final photos and had our bridal party and family all sign it at our rehearsal dinner.

Not only do I love these photos, but they also got us featured on The Knot’s blog. Pretty cool!

Since the cards and our engagement pictures were so popular, I decided to create an Etsy store that was a spin off of this idea. The cards I created for our wedding had a collagey…cut and pastey…handmade kind of feel. They included obscure and crazy fonts as well as some hand drawn typography. All of these things are things I love and wanted to incorporate into my style.

I have never been one to follow the crowd…and it drives my mother crazy (sorry mom :)). I think it’s my life motto to try to stand out and do something different and I feel like we successfully did that with the things we created for our wedding. Keeping that in mind, my store also seems to break the mold and step outside the lines. The cards in the store are all created with originality and personalization in mind. I want people to be able to buy cards from me that they will get a response from. Something people will remember. And so…I introduce to you, The Happenings Workshop.

A “Happening” is a special event in your life that you want to share with the world…hopefully by using one of our “Happenings”. The shop is still under construction, so there is limited inventory for the moment, but my hope for the future is that there will be many cards for you to choose from. Each card is customizable in different ways. Some incorporate your own photos in funny or interesting ways, some are just color changes. The best part about our “Happenings” is that they are original…and no one will forget it!

And, just for good measure, if you check out my new store and you like what you see…don’t forget to use the coupon code HAPPENINGSOPENING when you check out to get 10% off of your order! Happy Happenings!


  1. Dave · November 24, 2010

    That’s so awesome! I would totally use one of those if, you know, I was going to, um, get married again.


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