Live Sketch And More At Paper Crown Gallery

Live Sketch And More At Paper Crown Gallery

Who wants to come and watch me make a fool of myself? JK….Well hopefully. :) On November 3, 2011 Matt and I will be participating in a Live Sketch Event at Paper Crown Gallery. I’ll be painting with acrylics and Matt will be polling the audience for ideas and drawing what they want to see. 😉 No really…he did say he was going to do that…so make sure you think of something good!

No…a Live Sketch is not a comedy event…It’s an event for artists and those who are interested in art to come out to the gallery and hang out. There will be a number of artists creating artwork at the event for you to watch from 7-11 for a $5 entry fee. When they complete a piece, they will post it for sale for anywhere from Free to $20 for those at the event to purchase. The event is BYOB and also BAYF (bring all your friends). Basically, it will just be an awesome time, so you should come!!

If you or anyone you know are interested in participating in the event, you can contact Jay and Dennis by emailing and let them know so they can reserve a seat for you at the artist’s table.

The Paper Crown Gallery is Now open every day from 10AM to 8PM. They sell all kinds of awesome artwork, but they also offer studio space for artists, photographers, and screen printers, do movie premiers, have Photoshop and Illustrator classes, rent space for private events and parties, and much much more. If you’d like more info, click here to download a PDF.

On that note, make sure you “Like” their fan page on “The Book” for more updates on upcoming events and future Live Sketch Events (held the first Thursday of every month). Can’t wait to see you all there!

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