November Live Sketch at Paper Crown Gallery

November Live Sketch at Paper Crown Gallery

I am a little behind on posting about

the Live Sketch from this month….as usual :) BUT, it’s still November, so I don’t feel TOO bad. :)

I’ve missed a few Live Sketches at Paper Crown leading up to this one due to an insanely busy schedule and lots of fall photo shoots, but I was really happy to be able to make it out to this last one to help them celebrate their one year anniversary!

I spent the night painting my Munny that my mom and dad got me for Christmas last year. He’s been sitting all plain looking in our studio for the last year, and since we cleaned it out to make it the nursery, I figured it was about time I came up with something to paint on him.

So what did I end up painting? Well, I decided to stop trying so hard to think of a theme for him and just have fun. So, I freehanded a bunch of line drawings onto him. Turns out, this guy looks better than it would have ended up looking if I had actually put forth a lot of effort….I know this because that’s what always happens to me! The harder I try, the less I like the outcome.

It was really nice to have some free time to just paint something fun :).

And on that note, Happy Birthday Paper Crown! Here’s to many more!

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