Now Introducing: Flashback Photoshop Actions

Now Introducing: Flashback Photoshop Actions

That’s right, I decided to pay it forward this year and do a little action creating for my fellow photographers. Actions have helped me edit my photos for the past few years, but I felt it was time to take things a step further and create my own.

Creating actions is the combination of all my skills into one – a programming brain, design, photography – they all play a part in the creating of fabulous actions. I played around for months to come up with actions that work on many different types of images, and I think I have finally perfected them to my liking.

Currently, there are three different Flashback Photoshop Action sets available for purchase and they are compatible with PS CS2-CS6 and CC.

The Standards
Everything you need to get started. Three basic edits that will boost your colors and make your photos just a little sharper. As an added bonus, I’ve included ways to do all of those little things that are a necessary when editing like removing red and blue hues, adding vignettes, and making parts of the image brighter or darker.

The Black & Whites
Ten different choices to make each one of your black and whites a little extra special. Some have high contrast while others are more muted and soft so you can choose which one fits your mood best. Just like The Standards, these babies give you all the power to tweak your photos and make them look their best.

The Flashbacks
These actions pack a little more punch than the rest. Combined with your basic edit, they will knock your socks off by changing the color and mood of your images and making them look like they are a blast from the past. Just like previous sets, these actions are completely customizable so you are able to make them work their magic on your image in the best way possible.

Stop by my new site and take some for a trial run. You’ll like them. Promise.

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