Obligatory Goals For The New Year Take 2

Obligatory Goals For The New Year Take 2

I’m not in to resolutions, but here I am for the second year in a row writing up some obligatory goals for the new year. Figures. I actually am really glad that I put forth the effort last year and wrote some because it was good to look back on today and see if I followed said goals.

Drum roll please…..

The consensus is that yes, I did indeed follow the goals I set for myself 12 months ago on this same blog. I can tell by reading my post that I was a bot overwhelmed and over worked when I wrote it. I can remember the overwhelming feeling I had at that point in my life not knowing where I was headed with life and just feeling like I had too many directions instead of just one. I admit that I think writing down how I was feeling helped me to gain perspective about what is important in my life and where I wanted to focus my attention.

Before I write my new goals for 2013, I would like to recap my goals from 2012.

Goal 1 From 2012
Make sure to put what I want for myself above what other people want from me.
This was a very difficult transition for me and maybe my hardest goal to follow in this New Year. I have to say though, I think I have perfected the art of saying “No” when I had to. Sometimes projects would arise here and there that someone wanted me to help out with and I would instantly get stressed out because it wasn’t a good fit for my life and I felt trapped. BUT, after some practice, I came to recognize theses situations and immediately turn them down. I’m extremely proud of myself for learning to say “No”. Sounds easy to most people out there, I’m sure, but it was a huge source of stress and guilt in my life that I have been able to relive myself of throughout the last year. You can only put other people’s wants and needs before your own for so long before you go insane.

Goal 2 From 2012
Focus on one area of interest professionally and let everything else be for fun.
Last year this time, I had wayyyy too many things going on. I’m so happy I decided to cut back and stop spreading myself so thin. It’s too hard to switch modes all the time from design to painting to photography, etc. When I do this, I not only become a scatterbrain, but I also just become only mediocre at everything and not really good at any one thing. So, in 2012 I was so happy that I weeded out everything but photography. The result? I think my photography has improved, I have built a business, and I am much less stressed.

Goal 3 From 2012
Make more time to do the things I love to do.
Although I still have moments where I get sucked in to my computer and ignore my husband at night…I really have worked on being better about dropping everything I have to do work-wise and doing something I want to do instead. Anyone who works from home has that same issue, when you don’t have a desk that you leave and your laptop is sitting front of you as a constant reminder of the blogs you didn’t write or emails you didn’t respond to, it gets difficult to not let it interfere with your personal life. I’m getting better! I promise :)

Goal 4 From 2012
Just keep swimming and don’t sweat the small stuff.
Also a difficult challenge for me throughout the last year. I think weeding out all of the extra stresses in my life and focusing on just doing photography has actually helped me to be more confident in myself and therefore not really care what anyone else out there is doing. It feels good to let go of that negativity that I was holding with me for so long.

And now…..on to this year’s goals…

This year, my goals are much simpler than last. Thankfully, I think I’ve already worked though all of the hard stuff in 2012. So, as 2013 approaches, here are the goals I will be keeping in mind.

Goal 1
Put family first.
With a baby on the way soon, I know my life will no longer be the same. Right now, my schedule is still pretty flexible and I sometimes allow people to take advantage of that. Once the baby comes, I need to set better boundaries and remember to put the needs of our family before the needs of others so that I don’t drive Matt crazy by changing our schedule all the time. :)

Goal 2
Take time to learn.
No matter how good you are at something, there’s always room to learn. Now that I have placed focus on doing photography, I think it’s important that I continue to grow. Although my photography has definitely improved throughout the last 2 years, there’s still so much more I would like to learn. They say you are always your harshest critic, and that’s true, but there’s always room to develop your skills. So, my goal is to spend a little time each week experimenting or watching videos from other photographers online or reading photography blogs….etc. maybe I will just take a few minutes each night to scroll through Pinterest in the Photography category and pin photos I love for inspiration. Doesn’t matter how it happens…I just want to spend a little time each week growing.

Goal 3
Be more organized.
Ya, I’m not much of the organizational type….which drives my OCD husband insane. This was OK before I had a million things to keep track of every week. Running your own photography business while working a 9-5 job and trying to run a household all while trying to keep up with the ever changing insanity that has been our lives this last year is not an easy task….but I made it through. Part of the reason that was possible was because I became a little more organized this year than last. My hope is that in 2013 my organization skills will just grow and that things will be even easier. My husband was so kind to buy me an iPad as a Christmas gift/push present and I can already see how this thing will be my #1 best helper in the new year as far as organization is concerned. Sooooo much easier already!

Goal 4
Be more scheduled.
Currently, I run two blogs and I have a photography site that needs frequent updating. Of course, there’s always something I’m forgetting to keep up with. That being said, another goal for 2013 is to be more scheduled. I would love to set up a schedule for myself so I knew what blogs were being written and what they were about, etc. I also need to set aside time to answer email, keep my records updated, and for updating my site information to keep things current.

That all being said, I think 4 new goals for 2013 is quite enough. Sometimes less is more, it makes it easier to really follow through with things. I’m happy to say that I have already started on Goal 4. Makes a girl feel good to already be moving in the right direction!

I hope everyone has a great NYE and good luck to you all in 2013!

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