Obligatory Goals For The New Year Take 5

Obligatory Goals For The New Year Take 5

Alright year 5!

Maybe this year I will actually follow my goals…probably not. :) (Who are we kidding?) BUT it’s kinda nice to sit down and write down some goals for 2016…so that’s what I am gonna do.

Goal 1

Expand My Business
I have a long list of new ventures I would like to work on, I just really need some more time in my day to do so! That’s why my first goal is to try to get started on all these new things so I can expand my business. We will see what happens!

Goal 2

Keep A Schedule
I have been doing a pretty good job keeping a daily schedule for the last few weeks (minus the holiday). I wake up around 6 and come down to my desk and do work until Augie wakes up. Then we spend time together during the day until it’s time for his nap, at which point I do a little more work. This has allowed me to have some free time to work out or relax in the evening instead of just STARTING to work around 9:30PM. I think this is a much better way to do things than staying up until all hours of the night. Sometimes I just want to relax after a long day, not start working on projects. It makes the day seem too stressful. Plus, my pregnant body can NOT stay awake that late anymore. I guess it’s a sign it’s time to change!

Goal 3

Try To Get More Self Timer Family Selfies
Alright, I failed at doing one of these a week last year. SO, this year I am just going to set a goal to try to get more family selfies than I did last year. Seems like a more reasonable goal :). You wouldn’t think taking 52 photos a year would be that hard, but I actually find it difficult to find something different every week to take photos of. We aren’t that interesting, apparently.

Goal 4

Participate In The Daily Project
A little something I have been wanting to do for many years now, but never had the time for. It was difficult to work two jobs and also find time to take photos of something interesting every day when I was never home. When I was home, I spent most of my time working, cooking, or cleaning. I think it might have been a little boring to see photos of my dinner every day. BUT, now that I am working from home, there are plenty of things I see and do throughout the day that I can be photographing. I actually really look forward to doing this and seeing how my photography improves over the next year! Hopefully I don’t slack off like I did with the family selfies. I do feel it will be much easier to do this than the family selfie because I won’t need to get three people in the frame every time I need to take a photo. A little less of a challenge!

Goal 5

Learn. Learn. Learn.
There are so many good resources on the web. I plan to take full advantage of all these things and really expand my knowledge this year. There’s always room for growth! Hopefully, this time next year I will be commenting on how far I have come!

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