Our Forgotten Christmas Postcard

Our Forgotten Christmas Postcard

Sometimes I get something done that I want to post so badly, but it hasn’t gone in the mail yet so I have to wait…and wait…and wait some more before I can post it. And then, sometimes I wait so long that I just forget about posting it altogether.

This is what happened with our Christmas Postcard. Whoops! It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized that this lovely postcard never actually made it up onto my blog. Must have been the craziness of the season that made me forget!

I am, however, not really sure how you forget something this fabulous.;)

Christmas Card

Matt and I are always all about sending funny postcards (or what we like to call “Happenings“) instead of traditional cards. I like when people get things from us in the mail that they don’t expect. It makes life (and getting the mail) a little more fun. After all, that’s where the idea for The Happenings Workshop was born.

This card was designed by Matt. By “designed” I mean that he came up with the concept, and I put it together. The original concept, however, was supposed to be a Wampa from Star Wars chasing us instead of a polar bear.

Wampa Christmas Postcard

Zazzle wouldn’t let me print that version though, so the bear version was what we ended up with :).

And, of course, we couldn’t have Christmas Postcards without matching stamps:

Christmas Card Stamps

Love matching stamps! They are my fav.

If you’d like to purchase this postcard (maybe in 7 months?), you can click here to see it in my shop along with the custom stamps. Happy Happenings!

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