Pumpkin Madness 2010

Every year I’ve posted my pumpkin creations to this blog…and this year is no exception. I might not be a huge fan of dressing up, but I DO love to carve pumpkins. Probably because it is a form of art. I look forward to it, and I try to come up with something original every year.

This year, my design centered around my logo. I love my logo, if I were to get a tattoo….it would be the only thing I might consider tattooing on myself. For those of you who don’t know the background behind the logo, a lot of people think it is just a fancy M, but if you look closer you can see that it is actually a DM. Ya, I know. Mind blowing. It’s like the FedEx logo. You don’t see that little detail until a long time later and then when you see it it is brilliant.

The other pumpkin is Matt’s. He is so creative ;0). I love to see what he will come up with every year. He never fails to make a funny face!

Pumpkins from 2009

Pumpkin from 2008

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