Reasons Why I Love My Co-Workers

Reasons Why I Love My Co-Workers

Some people really don’t like their job. I am happy to say that I’m not one of those people. I might have a day here or there when I’m stressed out…but on an average day at work, I’m pretty happy to be there.

Most of the reason I am happy to have the job I do is because of the people I work with. Work is nothing but work unless you are surrounded by fun loving people who truly care about one another. What fun is a really rough project without a little joking around in the office? A light hearted atmosphere and a few inside jokes from your co-workers (ahem…package…..*whisper* danielle *whisper*) can really turn your day around when things aren’t going right.

Recently, one of my co-workers found out about a holiday window painting contest that is taking place this weekend in downtown Elgin. The contest is for businesses in the downtown Elgin area. We decided it would be a good idea to try our hand at winning the prize and being festive by painting the windows in the conference room.

The contest is called “Rockin’ In A Winter Wonderland” and all competitors have been called to create window paintings and decorations revolving around this idea. Extra points are given to those businesses who make their windows come to life during the judging on the 3rd. We decided that the best way for us to do this is to have a QR code in front of our building that links to a stop motion video of us creating our windows from the inside. FUN!

This video was so fun to create, but I felt as I was editing it that it needed a big finale. So, of course, I made Danielle do an all call and force everyone into the conference room for a little curtain call. They were all such good sports, and it made for an awesome ending! We have too much fun at DC…Here’s to winning the contest on Saturday! Wish us luck…oh…and make sure you stick around long enough to see the last :30 seconds of that video. It will be worth it. :)


You know what, I’m not done….here are some of my other favorite Demi & Cooper Holiday videos from the past 6 years for you all to enjoy. :) Ahhh memories.

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