Spraypaint Rules

Spraypaint Rules

Black Wednesday has never really been my thing. I’m not into crowds, I don’t drink much, and when I do I prefer to drink something better than a $10 dollar glass of some white zin. Needless to say, I was more than happy to spend my Black Wednesday this Thanksgiving hanging out at Paper Crown Gallery with some friends.

Nothing is more fun for me than sittin around and creating some art while hanging out with friends. I have been so caught up in doing photos lately that I really look forward to any free time I can possibly find to make some real art.

Unfortunately, my busy lifestyle doesn’t leave me much time to think about what I might want to create when I do have some time. Lucky for me, when I showed up on Wednesday night with nothing in mind, Jay showed me the graffiti wall and told me to give it a try. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS!!! I was so excited! Let’s be honest, there aren’t too many opportunities to learn how to use spray paint. It’s not something you go doing in your house and it’s definitely not something you do on any wall you see outside because…well…it’s illegal. So, I had never done it….until now.

Turns out, there’s a lot more to spray painting then meets the eye. I learned all sorts of different techniques and about the different types of spraypaint and tips you can use.

For my first creation, I went for something simple….a flower. Not too exciting, but just difficult enough.


After spraying this on the wall I learned my first valuable lesson…use good quality spray paint or it will drip. Hm…good to know.

It was also Matt’s first time with spray paint. Of course, he went with a little character for his first tag.


While I waited for my first coat to dry, I wandered over to the black and white graffiti wall from the first Live Sketch and added my mark to it. I was so busy that night that I totally missed the photo booth. It’s good to finally be up there.


Chris wanted to join in the fun, but he isn’t much of a painter so we just spray painted his hand black. LOL.


Then I started to get a little carried away when Matt left the room and I gave his little guy a mohawk.


Attempt #2 on my flower, I tried to make it stand out a little better by adding some white to the mix. It started to look better with more layers.


Heather and I collaborated and created this awesome swan. Seriously, how sweet is this swan?


We we started running out of the good spray paint, Matt started using acrylics to make little paintings all over the wall. His first painting was of a little blue alien. We all decided that he looked pretty sassy….


And then I added a little cloud next to his butt to make it look like he farted because I am mature like that.


In one of my last attempts with the spray paint, I decided to create a heart…and then for some reason decided to paint some flames coming out of it. Everyone else decided it was very “Harley Davidson” of me. Sometimes you just paint things that don’t make any sense. hahaha.


Since I was already into the acrylics, I decided to spice up my flower with some blue paint.


And of course add to my little icon as well. I would love to say I did that spiffy outline myself, but I didn’t. Maybe some day I will be able to control that spray paint! :)


If you’d like to see my lovely graffiti in person, make sure you stop by The Paper Crown Gallery this Thursday for the 2nd Live Sketch Event from 7-11:30! They have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. Last month they featured the Graffiti wall and photo booth along with this fabulous piece of art that everyone collaborated on and they auctioned off at the end of the night. There’s no telling what their latest trick will be! You will just have to come out and see.

On top of offering some great live entertainment and music, they also have some fabulous new items for sale in the shop including my good friend Danielle’s bags and jewelry and plenty of new one-of-a-kind shirts made by Jay and Dennis! Make sure you come and check it out, it was a blast last month and I’m sure this month will be twice as good.

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