The Dells Are Alive

The Dells Are Alive

Worked on “The Dells” painting some more the other night. It’s starting to come alive….or so says the title of this post. Really though, it’s starting to look good. A lot more work to do though on this baby since the detailing takes a while.

I am thinking about glossing this entire piece when I’m done. I feel like it’s the best way to complete it. Right now it is semi-glossy…but it’s just not good enough for me. Christine and I went to an art fair a few weeks ago and we met an artist who finished off some of her pieces by doing a thick gloss coat over the top. We asked her what she used to do it, but she wouldn’t give us a straight answer because she said it was experimental. Looks like I will be doing some “experimenting” of my own…..or maybe some internet research :) Either way!

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