The Sprinkle And Thank You Cards

The Sprinkle And Thank You Cards

It’s been a while, but you a might recall a little post I did about the “Sprinkle” Invites I designed for Peaches….who is now a few weeks old…and is a baby boy! Well, I just wanted to share the matching thank you postcards and stamps that I designed and a few pictures of the favors my sister Alyssa and I created!

First things first, the thank you cards. When I originally did the design for the Sprinkle (which you can purchase and customize through The Happenings Workshop), my sister, Jennifer, didn’t see them because we wanted it to be a surprise. But, after she received the invite in the mail, she asked me if I could come up with some kind of thank you card to match. And so I did.

This postcard is also available for purchase at The Happenings Workshop, along with some matching stamps (cause I love them)!

Incase you all haven’t realized yet, I love to theme parties. So fun! When everything matches, it makes me happy. SO, not only did I make matching invites and thank you cards for the Sprinkle, Alyssa and I came up with matching cupcake favors…

and also a sweet matching cake which I couldn’t wait to share!

Both the cupcakes and the cake are made to look like dirt with grass and they have handmade chocolate flowers to match the invitation. Both the cupcakes and the cake were made of chocolate and topped off with mint frosting! Just like a thin mint cookie, which is one of Jen’s favorites. MMmmmmmmmmmm So yummy!

Thanks for the fabulous idea Shoes ;), they turned out great!

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