THFG T-Shirts

THFG T-Shirts

A few months back (wow! MONTHS?! I knew I was behind on my blog writing..but gez…) my mom contacted me about doing some t-shirts for her work.

She works for Theresa Hannon Financial Group. As a service to all of their clients back in August, they were offering free shredding on a Saturday morning in August—complete with coffee and treats! What a great idea! The only problem was that they wanted people coming to the event to be able to tell who was working apart from who wasn’t.

So, my mom asked me to create a simple shirt that all of the volunteers could wear so they could be distinguished from the crowd quickly.

We decided on a bright blue since that was close to the color of their logo, but also so that it would stand out. The shirts were simple with just a logo on the back and the volunteer’s name on the front so they wouldn’t have to wear tacky name tags.

This was my first time creating shirts with something on the front AND on the back. I have to say, I think they turned out pretty good! Making shirts is still one of the hardest/time consuming things I do….but when they all come out looking good, nothing is more satisfying!

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