Woohoo I Came In Third Place!

Went to Pinstripes today for the Art Contest. I was a little disappointed when I got there because they were already taking everything down. I had called and emailed them a few times last week asking when the actual “contest” part was going on since there were going to be events going on all day. The man I talked to told me that the winners were not going to be announced and that they were going to contact them on Monday through email. I felt this was somewhat strange, but I figured he knew what he was talking about so I decided to head out there around 3:30. Since Matt had to work, he was just going to meet me on his dinner break.

So anyhow, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see my art (or anyone else’s art) hung up on the wall. As I explained this to the woman in the room who was taking things down, she asked me which painting was mine. I showed her and she said, “Oh, do you know that you won?”. No, I did not know that I won because I missed the announcement! :( I wish I could have been there for that! Boo. Either way, the good news is that I came in third place and won a $100 Gift Card…to Pinstripes of course :). I immediately took the gift card and put it to good use by buying anyone who made it out there to hang with me some drinks and food and I still have some left for a sweet bowling date with Matt!

Matt also entered the contest and the lady informed me that she really loved his piece and although he didn’t place, she still wanted to hang it on the wall. He was not a fan of this idea though. He plans to sell his sweet piece of art to a bowling enthusiast for lots of money! So, if any of my readers out there happen to be a “bowling enthusiast” and are interested in purchasing Matt’s piece, please contact me!

Well, enough about the contest. Some other notes from painting this week….hmm. Well I did another underpainting. No video this time, just a picture:


I’m glad to finally be doing work on something other than a contest piece! It just feels good to be able to work on more than one painting at a time…prevents bordem and burnouts…always a positive. After doing this underpainting, I took some time to work on an old piece. Remember this guy? Well, I decided to change it up and take out the warm colors and keep it just to cool colors. After adding the orange in before, I immediately hated it. It just didn’t really go. So, here’s an updated photo. I am still workin on this one. I need to figure out a way to blend the foreground with the background. Right now I just feel like it is a little detached. If anyone has ideas, let me know!MattFlower2

Oh, I forgot earlier in this post, but I would like to tell Matt that I am proud of his painting! He did a fantastic job on it and I think it looks pretty sweet! :)


  1. gail · May 18, 2009

    So who won?

    • mzpritteful · May 18, 2009

      You know, because I missed the actual announcements, I really don’t have any idea who won. I saw their piece, but as far as names go I don’t know :(

  2. DandyRose · May 18, 2009

    You guys are such a talented couple! Love the piece, Matty!!

  3. m.lit. · May 19, 2009

    ur painting is pretty kewl. if u got 3rd, wut did the others look like? were they any good? got any pix? i wanted 2 go but i had 2 work.

    • mzpritteful · May 19, 2009

      Thanks! I did not get pictures of the other paintings. They were all pretty good. The one that got first place was four different paintings together as one large painting. Each of the smaller paintings was based off of another famous piece of art and then the artist took the idea and combined it with something related to bowling (IE- the Warhol painting of the Campbell’s Soup can then made into a bowling pin with a Campbell’s Soup label on it) The second place winner was a realistic painting of 3 bocce balls on a bocce court. I wish I had been able to see them all hung up on the wall. I think I saw them all but I’m not sure!


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